Edge Browser Proxy Setting

Utilizing a proxy for data scraping offers enhanced anonymity and mitigates the risk of IP bans. By rotating IP addresses, it allows for seamless and uninterrupted scraping while maintaining a layer of privacy.

Setup Proxy in Edge Browser

Step 1
Select the drop-down box located in the browser’s top right corner to access the settings

Step 2
Enter the ‘proxy’ keyword in search and click to ‘open your computer’s proxy settings’ in result

Step 3
Press the “Set up” button in the Manual proxy setup section.

Step 4
Enable the ‘Use a proxy server’ feature, enter the proxy server’s address and port number, ensure the ‘Don’t use the proxy server for local addresses’ option is selected, and click ‘Save’.

Celebrate, as you are now ready to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity across the board.

How to Disable Proxy

When you choose to stop using the proxy, you can easily revert to the settings and effortlessly disable or delete the proxy configuration.